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Short History

Entech Designs, LLC is an outgrowth of a name registered by Mr. Frank J. Basile, PE in the State of Louisiana as Entech in 1970. The name is a splitting of two words ENgineering TECHnology; it was changed to Entech & Associates, Inc. as a Subchapter S Corporation 1974. Mr. Basile with the help of close friends opened a shipyard in 1974 that was named Modern Marine Power, Inc. The yard was closed in 1983 due to the collapse of the Inland and Offshore Oil Industry and the high interest rates charged to borrow money that began in 1981.

Within the following few decades, Entech has designed over 150 different vessels each has proved exceptional performance, success, efficiency and durability. Frank Basile and Entech have been awarded multiple times for the Outstanding Design of the year by Work Boat Magazine and other authorities.

Over 450 vessels currently servicing the marine industry in all parts of the world are built to Entech’s designs. Summary of designs is as follows:

Tugboats from 50 to 150 feet
ATB Tugs from 79 to 116 feet
Towboats from 24 to 145 feet
Offshore Service Vessels from 130 to 268 feet
Inner Island Freight/Passenger Vessel from 78 to 190 feet
Ro-Ro Vessels from 120 to 160 feet
Deck Barges from 40 to 260 feet
Tank Barges from 154 to 273 feet
Crane Barges from 120 to 150 feet
Dry Dock from 3,000 tons to 10,000 tons
Lift Boats between 150′ to 200′ leg size

Entech has been providing continuous engineering support to all vessel owners and operators with their need related to the classification and modifications to their vessels through years.
Entech’s mission has been to keep the company staffed with experienced engineers and designers to have the expertise to give hands-on help to our clients in the most efficient and economical way to fulfill the client’s need and purpose. Entech is strategically located in the most concentrated area with Shipyards and Marine operators and that gives Entech the advantage of immediate availability for consultation and service.
Due to the size and uniqueness of the Entech’s management, there are licensed Naval Architects with combined work experience of over 70 years accessible for consultations at any time.


In 2014, after many years of success, Mr. Basile became aware that if he wanted the name to remain known for their viable design philosophy into many more generations, he should quietly let it be known that under EAI may be purchased if certain conditions were met. He had many offers from Shipyards, Naval Architecture firms, Inland, and Offshore Operators. Finally, he realized that the answer for passing the “baton” was his Executive Vice President, a Licensed Engineer who he had been grooming to take the reins. It is Ms Kimia Jalili who was productive from the first day she came to work for EAI. She had been with EAI for eight and one half years. During this time, she worked with clients to design the most cost efficient vessel to meet their requirements. She is well liked in and out of the industry. Her personality and design knowledge makes her the most suitable to proudly carry on the name Entech.

The Objective and Goal we seek at every project are:

Meeting Client’s needs and purpose
Safety of the mission and crew
Compliance with standards and regulations applied
Efficiency and Economy
Habitability and comfort
Simplicity of construction
Visually satisfactory

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